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      S5500 Gas Actuated Thermometer

      S5500 Gas Actuated Thermometer

      S5500 Gas Actuated Thermometer temperature

      The Ashcroft® S5500 gas actuated thermometer is a direct or remote mounted instrument providing performance while being highly resistant to shock and vibration. This product is extremely versatile for use on many applications. Usually used with a thermowell, the S5500 is ideal for applications with vibration and very high or low temperature.

      Key Features:

      • Rugged stainless steel construction
      • Fast Response
      • Protection IP65
      • High repeatability and small hysteresis
      • Dry or liquid filled
      • Rigid stem or bulb with capillary
      • Optional with magnetic spring contacts or inductive proximity switches


      • Accuracy: ±1% full scale
      • Standard: EN 13190
      • Case: 100mm or 160 mm stainless steel 304; optional stainless steel 316L
      • Range: -200 ... 50 °C to 0 ... 800 °C
      • Capillary length up to 100 m


      The S5500 gas actuated thermometer is ideal where consistent, reliable temperature measurement is essential:

      Process Market:

      • Offshore Oil Rigs
      • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
      • Water and Wastewater Pressure Control
      • Pulp and Paper
      • Refineries
      • Power

      Industrial Market:

      • General Industrial
      • HVAC
      • Equipment Skids

      Medical and Life Sciences Market:

      • Pharmaceutical / Biotech
      • Food and Beverage

      Certificates & Approvals

      • ATEX
      • EAC