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      PRESSISION Temperature Sensor

      PRESSISION Temperature Sensor

      PRESSISION Temperature Sensor

      The ASHCROFT® PRESSISION temperature sensor measures the pressure of an inert gas contained in a gas cartridge to determine the temperature.

      All PRESSISION temperature sensors are tailored to the specifi c needs of the customer.

      Size, shape and material of the temperature sensor, as well as the length of the connection of the stainless steel capillaries are always customer-specific.

      The main advantages of the PRESSISION temperature sensor are:

      • Best possible accuracy for temperature measurement <= 0.1 % of the measuring span
      • Safety – No electricity in the process
      • Measurement of the averaged temperature (along a length, over a diameter)
      • Short response time: Up to 5x faster than a mineral-insulated sensor
      • Alternative measuring principle to traditional measuring methods like Pt100 and thermocouples

      Performance Features

      • Averaged temperature over the temperature sensor
      • Customised temperature sensors up to several metres
      • Alternative to RTD’s and thermocouples
      • High stability, very low drift
      • Constant volume gas thermometer with high-precision pressure transmitter
      • Inert gas fi lling, pressure transmission via stainless steel capillary
      • Compensation of ambient temperature


      With our Custom Engineered Solutions (CESSM) we offer our customers tailor-made solution concepts.
      In close coordination between you, our product experts and our development engineers, we work out customised product solutions for the most individual applications.
      This flexibility distinguishes us and enables us to offer our customers the best possible concepts.

      Certificates & Approvals

      • CE
      • REACH
      • RoHS