Mass Flow Controllers

      Mass Flow Controllers

      A mass flow controller automatically controls the flow rate of a Gas according to a set flow rate sent as an electric signal. This is in turn allows you to control your process Accurately and efficiently.

      The general measurements used by Mass Flow Controllers are:

      Thermal Mass Via Bypass Capillary

      Thermal mass flow instruments that make use of a bypass capillary work by applying power to heat the sensor tube.

      In instruments based on the thermal principle, power is applied to heat the sensor tube. Accordingly, the temperature of the tube is measured at two points. With no flow measured, the temperature differential between the two points will be zero. When the flow increases, the temperature at the first measuring point will decrease, as fluid carries away the heat. At the same time the temperature at the second measuring point will increase as the fluid carries heat to it. More flow will result in a greater temperature differential and this temperature differential is proportional to the mass flow.

      mass flow controllers

      Inline measurement using CTA technology

      Constant Temperature Anemometry also known as CTA, allows the flow of gas through a straight tube. Within the instrument there are two measurement 'probes' inserted into a straight tube flow path.
      The first 'probe' both heats and measures the temperature of the fluid, as the second 'probe' measures the temperature of the fluid.

      Again, as the gas flow increases the gas will carry heat from the first measuring point to the second one. In a CTA, however, the power is varied to keep the temperature between the two measuring points constant, and it is this power output that is proportional to the mass flow.

      Thermal Mass measurement using DP technology

      Differential pressure-based laminar flow measurement mass flow instruments operate on the principle of differential pressure-based laminar flow measurement. Our flow meter and flow controllers are multi-parameter (multivariate) instruments that also display the pressure and temperature data that we use to determine both volumetric and mass flow rates.