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      KXD Pressure Transducer

      KXD Pressure Transducer

      KXD Pressure Transducer

      The Ashcroft® KXD is a proven and versatile pressure transducer/transmitter. Sensor technology and assembly method eliminates signal instability and drift, making this product virtually unaffected by shock or vibration. A perfect choice when superior pressure measurement is needed.

      Key Features:

      • Rugged stainless steel construction
      • High overpressure Limits
      • High shock and Vibration stability
      • Excellent long term stability


      • Accuracy: ±0.25% or ±0.5% of span
      • Pressure Ranges: vacuum to 1.400 bar
      • Housing: IP65, IP67 and IP68; 304 stainless steel
      • Wetted material: all-welded stainless steel


      The KXD is ideal where consistent, and reliable pressure measurement is essential

      Industrial and OEM Applications:

      • Machine tool
      • Construction equipment
      • General Industrial process application

      Process Applications:

      • HVAC/R
      • Refrigeration
      • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sensing 
      • Pump Monitoring and Compressor Control

      Certificates & Approvals

      • CE
      • EAC
      • RoHS