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      DCAP-Kit Pneumatic Hand Pump

      DCAP-Kit Pneumatic Hand Pump

      DCAP-Kit Pneumatic Hand Pump

      The DCAP is a rugged all metal pneumatic hand pump capable of generating up to 650 psi (45 bar). This portable device is ideal for field pressure calibration.

      Key Features:

      • Fine adjustment allows the operator ro vary applied pressure within 0.1 mbar
      • Soft sealed bleed valve allows for precisely controlled pressure relief
      • Two outlets ports with quick test adapters installed in the pump bodyLightweight and portable


      • Hoses: two - 1 meter lengths with quick-release ends
      • Adapter termination: 1/8" NPT male and 1/4" NPT male
      • Pressure ranges: 0 ... 45 bar


      The DCAP-KIT pressure pump provides precision on applications:

      Industrial Market:

      • Test and Measurement
      • Calibration Laboratories