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      Cobb Tester

      LY-8251 Cobb Tester

      This machine is used to test the surface water absorbability of paper or paperboards,use COBB test methods,also called Paper surface absorb weight tester or COBB tester.

      Metal cylinder sectional area:100 ± 0.2cm2(inner diameter 112.8 ± 0.2mm),
      Cylinder height:50mm,contact surface is smooth between cylinder surface and sample.
      absorbent paper amount is:200-250g/m2,absorbing speed:75mm/10min.
      Smooth metal roll,roll widt 200 ± 0.5mm,weight is :10 ± 0.5kg.
      Outside size:L x W x 11=510 X 400 X 365 mm
      Weight:30 kg

      Cobb Tester