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      AIRCOM Transmitter

      AIRCOM Transmitter

      AIRCOM Transmitter communication channel

      The choice of the optimal communication channel to ensure reliability, speed and security is therefore absolutely essential. With Aircom™ we offer a transmission technology that can operate over a distance of 40 km with military encryption, completely independent of GSM and without power supply at the measuring point.

      Product features:

      • Free communication infrastructure via LoRaWAN
      • 40+ km transmission range (urban areas reduce range)
      • Ability to communicate globally with the 'Internet of Things' (IoT)
      • ATEX Zone 0 applications
      • Protection class IP65 (higher protection class on request)
      • 4 digital inputs, 2 analogue inputs and 2 serial inputs
      • Supplies the connected measuring instruments with energy
      • Integrated I.S. barriers for each channel
      • Up to 10+ years battery life (depending on protocol / transmission rate)
      • Battery can be changed in hazardous areas
      • Device setup and confi guration via mobile Bluetooth application (iOS and Android)
      • ARM microcontroller offers a wide range of intelligent monitoring options
      • Encrypted data protocol ensures secure transmission.


      With up to 8 different connections ASHCROFT AIRCOMTM gives the user the full spectrum for wireless transmission of measured values:

      • Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Flow rate
      • Gas Quality
      • Events, digital alarms
      • Environment (wind speed, humidity)
      • Electrical measurement
      • Cathodic protection

      Certificates & Approvals

      • ATEX
      • CE
      • RoHS