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      A5500 Absolute Pressure Process…

      A5500 Absolute Pressure Process Gauge

      A5500 Absolute Pressure Process Gauge

      The Ashcroft® A5500 stainless steel absolute pressure gauge pressure gauge has become a solution for true measurement of absolute pressure of gases and liquids. Providing high reliability, versatility and performance, it proves an ideal product for satisfying many applications and installation requirements.

      Key Features:

      • Case and ring stainless steel 316L
      • All welded construction
      • High overload cpability


      • Accuracy: ±1.6% full scale (class 1.6); optional 1% full scale
      • Pressure Ranges: 0 ... 25 mbar  to 0 ... 25 bar absolute
      • Dial size: 100 mm (4") and 160 mm (6")
      • Pressure chamber: 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy C-276
      • Case material / style: 316L Stainless steel; A5500 (open front) & A6500 (solid front)
      • IP65


      The A5500 pressure gauge is ideal where stable and true absolute pressure measurement is essential:

      Process Market:

      • Monitoring true absolute pressure of gases and liquids
      • Vacuum packaging of food and pharmaceutical products
      • Vacuum handling equipment
      • Waste treatment
      • Condensing processes