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      23DDG Pressure Gauge

      23DDG Pressure Gauge

      23DDG Pressure Gauge - pressure measurement

      The Ashcroft® 23DDG Mini gauge® is used for measuring pressures within very limited space installations. Incorporating direct drive technology, this product is virtually unaffected by shock and vibration. A cost effective solution for many equipment applications.

      Key Features:

      • Direct drive technology eliminates wear, increasing product life
      • Silicone-dampened coil (option) resists vibration effects
      • Easy installation using wrench flats


      • Accuracy: ±5% full scale
      • Pressure Ranges: 60 to 300 psi, 4 bar to 20 bar
      • Dial size: 23 mm (0.906"); ABS case
      • Beryllium copper tube/brass socket
      • Back connection only


      The 23DDG Minigauge® is ideal where reliable pressure measurement is essential:

      Industrial Market:

      • Air Inflators / Compressors
      • Mini FRL's
      • Specialized OEM Equipment