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      1141 Differential Pressure Gauge

      1141 Differential Pressure Gauge

      1141 Differential Pressure Gauge - vacuum gauge

      The Ashcroft® 1141 differential pressure gauge is an economical means for measuring pressure between two independent pressure sources. Uses a rolling diaphragm to separate high and low pressure ports and isolates media between low and high pressure sides.

      Key Features:

      • Glass filled nylon case
      • High static pressure capability of 200 bar
      • Superior magnets for smoother pointer motion
      • Reed switches (optional) for direct system control


      • Accuracy: ±2% (ascending pressure)
      • Pressure Ranges: 0 ... 250 mbar to 0 ... 7 bar
      • Dial size: 2 1/2", 4 1/2" and 6"
      • Case: glass filled nylon
      • Body: aluminum, brass or stainless steel
      • Wetted Material: body material, Teflon®, ceramic and various o-ring materials


      The 1141 differential pressure gauge is ideal for locations where temperature fluctuations can cause condensation. The rolling diaphragm is not recommended in applications where the gauge can be exposed to reverse pressure:

      • Condition Monitoring across Heat Exchange
      • Filtration Monitoring
      • Flow Measurement
      • Leak Detection

      Certificates & Approvals

      • EAC