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      1008S/SL 63/100 mm Pressure…

      1008S/SL 63/100 mm Pressure Gauge Class 1.6


      The Ashcroft® 1008S/SL pressure gauge offers exceptional quality and reliability in an all stainless steel pressure gauge. The sealed case protects from ambient conditions and includes features enhancing product performance and safety. An ideal choice when ambient and process conditions are harsh.

      Key Features:

      • PowerFlexTM movement provides superior resistance to shock,
      • vibration and pulsation; extends product life and reduces maintenance costs
      • True ZeroTM reduces reading errors by using a "zero box" instead of conventional dial pins (posts); this ensures product safety, integrity and system control
      • PLUS!TMPerformance (option) dampens vibration, shock and pulsation effects; provides liquid-fill performance in a dry gauge
      • Ammonia and refrigerant versions available


      • Accuracy: Class 1.6
      • Pressure Ranges: Vacuum, compound, 0 ... 1 bar to 0 ... 1.000 bar
      • Dial size: 63 mm (2 1/2") and 100 mm (4"); stainless steel case
      • Case/Ring:
        304 Stainless Steel (Standard)
        316L Stainless Steel (Optional - XYW)
      • Wetted materials: Bourdon tube / socket 316L stainless steel
      • NEMA 4 / IP65 (sealed) and NEMA 3 / IP54 (vented)
      • Mounting (option): U-clamp and front flange
      • Dry, liquid-filled and PLUS!TMversions


      The 1008S/SL pressure gauge is ideal where reliable pressure measurement is essential:

      Industrial Market:

      • Pumps and Compressors
      • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
      • Specialized OEM Equipment

      Medical and Life Sciences:

      • Food and Beverage

      Certificates & Approvals

      • CE
      • CRN
      • EAC
      • RoHS